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  • Course Overview:
    English IV will focus on increasing reading fluency, comprehension, increasing vocabulary, providing textual evidence, paraphrasing, summarizing, understanding the history of the English language, and critical thinking. The novels will address themes associated with the “Moral Struggle,” humanity’s quest to determine what is morally and ethically right for both society and one’s self. Students will gain an understanding of British poetry and literary devices. They will respond to literature, read a variety of text, and participate in class discussions. They will write expository essays, persuasive essays, narratives, and literary response essays. Furthermore, students will also learn how to incorporate technology in class presentations. Finally, students will develop a thesis designed to explore the class theme, “The Moral Struggle,” engage in college ready research and informational writing for a final research paper due in June.
  • Language Arts, 6th Grade section 2